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Lilly Resting by cookiefur

This is pretty good overall. I lake what you did there with the pencil shading and propotions are pretty good. I've Ive tried drawing a...


A long time ago... someone (I don't remember who) asked me where I had gotten the inspiration to write my Fan Fiction 'The Guardians' saga. Unfortunately, the only answer I could give them was 'I honestly don't remember'. Ever since then, it has been bugging me to no end to try and remember what it was that inspired it. And today.... I finally had a break through.

Before the concept of 'The Guardians' had come to me, I had taken a fun test on Facebook that had something to do with finding out how much of a nerd you are, or something to that effect. One of the questions asked: "If your significant other or friend and I were in a certain map, we were low on health, out of mana, surrounded by enemies and had one health potion left, what would you do?"

I can't remember the answer I gave, but knowing that out of my real life friends (significant other included) I would be the one to be of the highest level. Ultimately, even though the answer wasn't on the list, my answer would have been that I would have given the potion to my other/friend and while I distracted the enemies or fought then off, they would run back to town. I had planneed for that to be a major scene in 'The Guardians', but for those of you that have read it, you have yet to see said scene and it has evolved into the story that you now know.

“Show off.” Acer mumbled as Dumia climbed up the vines. Once there, Dumia let the others off and immediately prompted her stealth protocol; strong cushions of air began to blow from the bottom of the Mecha’s feet making her steps become nearly silent. She then slid back the top of her cockpit looking around the entire area strewn with penguin bodies and blood.

“Dureau, what did you…”

“Are we here to stop a wedding or worry about what gets in our way? We have less than four hours; and any one of them that gets in the way is just that, in the way.” Dureau said, shaking the blood from his mace and was about to walk away when Acer stopped him.

“I want to be absolutely clear on this. Yes, there are those that are in the way, but killing them on sight is not what we were asked to come here and do.”

“Would you rather I asked them nicely to step aside while I stop their plans?” Dureau asked in return shrugging off Acer’s hand walking further into the castle making the others only shake their head. Quietly they snuck through the castle, expecting there to be a mob of penguin soldiers rushing them at any moment, but all they ever found were traces that they had been there: sporadically spaced dented helmets, a few drops of blood and broken spears. Acer suddenly pulled the cannon to his shoulder, mana flooding the firing chamber making it glow a bright blue.

“What the matter?” Vondra asked, when she bumped into Dureau.

“Can’t you hear it?” he asked when Dumia focused on her HUD, turning this way and that.

“Guys, we’ve got a bogie on the fringes of my radar. The sucker’s movin’ fast so I can’t get a good read on it.” she said, still looking around as the dot on her radar flashed in and out of her range until they all began to here spurts of maniacal giggles or laughter, Latimer recognizing it.

“I know that laugh.”

“Who is it?” Dumia asked, quickly turning to try and focus on the dot in her radar.

“It’s a woman by the name of Klyde; Dad told me about her in a few of his stories.” Latimer surmised, looking through the entire castle, especially in the spots one might over look.

“What do you know about her?” Vondra asked, drawing her daggers and standing at the ready.

“That she could make any one of us fourth degree’s look like a beginner and laugh about it while she slits our throat.”

“My my, so Olsen still remembers me does he?” a voice suddenly said from the air, the sound of a blade being drawn across a stone ringing in the air.

“I’m touched. Heh, playing with them was fun, but will you be just as fun?” the voice asked when Dumia finally got a lock on her position, turning around and holding up her arm, spinning up the gun.

“Oh now is that anyway to greet someone who’s an old friend of your parents, Dumia?” she asked, casually leaning against a tower in the wall.

“What do you want?” Dumia asked as Klyde picked her weight up and walked over to Dumia, patting the giant metal fist aimed at her before walking to the others.

“I heard that this place was in need of some help so I decided to come along. Not much has been happening since Ereve flattened Henesys, and I was board.” She giggled, putting a hand up the mouth of the plush mask she wore.

“Then where are all the soldiers that were supposed to be here?” Mercedes asked.

“Soldiers? What soldiers? Oh, you mean those cute little plush toys; yeah, they weren’t playing nice so I took care of them for you.”

“So why not do the work for us and stop the wedding?” Dureau asked with a tone of melancholy.

“Come come now, I may be a twin blade Ninja, but it’s been over 18 years since I played with your parents. I’m not as quick or as limber as I used to be.” Klyde giggled thumbing the edge of her dagger for a moment before sauntering over to Latimer, walking her fingers up his chest, pressing her athletic body to him.

“My my, you’re a cute one. I never would have guessed that someone like you would be out here.” She said with an alluring tone. Vondra drew one of her daggers, swinging it down hard where Klyde was but hitting nothing but air.

“Aw, come now Vondra, I was only having a little fun. Oh well, I’ve taken care of the majority of the guards for you, so I think I should at least get a thanks. Oh! And by the way…” Klyde put one of her hands over the mouth of the stuffed mascot head she wore and giggle, suddenly making Dumia begin a systems check.

“Roses are red, Violets are blue, confetti gets spread, and so… are… you.” she said, making a motion as though blowing a kiss when a small bomb went off in their midst, spreading them out everywhere. When they were all finally able to get to their feet again, Klyde was nowhere to be seen but her laughter was still able to be heard as it faded from the area.

“Crazy bat.” Vondra mumbled to herself.

“Klyde may be crazy but she gave us an opening. Let’s not waste it by standing here.” Acer suggested, pulling the heavy cannon onto his back and helping Latimer to his feet as they all proceeded further into the castle. Even with the help that Klyde had given them, they were still weary around every corner for soldiers, never knowing exactly how many Klyde had taken care of.


It had been something that she had wanted for a while, but with the limited access and knowledge of the Mushroom Empire, there was really no way for her to get into it and retrieve the coveted Seal of Ossyria. With this one that she had relieved Augustine of, she now had three seals in her possession. However that still left the ones hidden by the High Guard of Edelstien, which at the time she had no way to get to without deactivating the Dream Fragments.

“Relishing in your small victory?” a voice asked making her look over to the window sill where Yoshumari stood, adjusting his wings as he stepped down.

“One would think that you actually like me with the way that you’ve been visiting me so much.” Clytemnestra laughed. Yoshumari smirked and laughed as well, but kept a wide girth as he walked further into the room, eyeing the giant metal apparatus behind her.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” He said with a grin, his face becoming serious in the same moment.

“I will be sure and visit you every time that you gain another seal to remind you of your eminent failure.”

“Again with the threats Dragon? You really need to learn to follow through one day.” Clytemnestra smiled until Yoshumari rushed her, pinning her to the wall as the power of his Dark Nalcana flared down his arms and around neck and shoulders, causing her to lose focus and let that annoying second presence begin to take over.

“You’re afraid of her aren’t you? She’s really the one that has the power, and all you can do is make sure that she stays asleep long enough to let you have control.”

“What is it to you? She’s just a puppet…” Yoshumari put his foot on the apparatus, pulling her away from it with a hard grunt.

She will make sure that you fail.” Yoshumari growled when his face suddenly became softer, looking deep into her eyes to the one who’s body it really was.

“Just hang in there a bit longer. The nightmare won’t last forever. I have faith in you.” he soothed before letting Clytemnestra go where the apparatus hovered to her and put a few of its arms around her as she breathed deeply.

“I am growing tired of your pompous attitude!” she growled as whispers filled the air around them, swinging her arm hard as a blast of dark magic hurled at Yoshumari, deflected  into the wall when he activated his Nalcana once again as a large sword. For a tense few minutes, the two of them stared each other in the eyes, not moving or even seeming to breathe. At last Yoshumari broke the stare and grinned, shaking his head before walking to the balcony railing.

“Again, you leave this place without so much as trying to stop me. If that is your true intention, then why not take something that will slow me down.” Clytemnestra asked.

“Because that would be too easy. I want you to suffer for what you’ve done, and you will. You will suffer greatly, but only when the time is right.” Yoshumari growled over his shoulder, flying away and leaving Clytemnestra to her thoughts. Was she scared of her? What could she do if she didn’t keep her mental guard up? But that was another issue entirely; all there was to worry about right this moment was collecting the Seals of Ossyria. Once she was sure that all the ones still hidden in Ossyria were gone, she could undo what the Dream Fragments had done and easily retrieve the remaining Seals from Edelstein with the aid of the Chaos Beasts.

“I will not fail this time, Dragon. You underestimate me far too much.”


It didn’t take them extremely long to get inside the main portion of the castle, but when they did it became increasingly apparent that this is where most of the guards were stationed as they would sometimes fight off small patrols of soldiers, while at the same time trying to make sure that Dureau didn’t unnecessarily kill anyone during those encounters.

“You’d think that an event like this would have more guards.” Acer mentioned, pulling the cannon from his back, priming it.

“Klyde did take care of most of them for us remember.” Vondra answered, making Acer roll his eyes and shake his head.

“Can we please focus?” Luminous hissed as he peeked around the wall they hid behind save for Dumia who had opted to take another way because her mecha was too big. As he leaned his head out slowly, he managed to see a few guards standing around a room in the hallway.

“What do you see?” Vondra asked, suddenly catching the back end of Acer’s cannon before it hit the ground.

“There are a few guards standing outside a door… wait…” from the door, a heavy set man walked out of the room as a something shorter walked out of another room further down the hall and joined him while Luminous  did the best he could to hear what was being said between the two of them.

“…princess should be more than willing.”

“Hmmm good. I wouldn’t want anything ruining our moments alone, heh, eh heh heh, heh heh heh.” The shorter creature laughed. But Luminous’ focus was drawn away from the two of them when he saw a sparkle from the staff in the heavyset man’s hand.

An Aurora crystal?!” Luminous thought to himself when the two of them disappeared behind a door.

“What was it?” Latimer asked, pushing back Blaze a bit who vied for some attention.

“A heavy set man and a shorter one dressed in what looked to be a blue tuxedo was walking for a moment. The heavy one has one of the Master Crystals, so he might be the one that’s been using it. The other one I wasn’t too sure about.”

“It has to be Pepe. The fat one could just be one of his generals.” Mercedes hypothesized.

“No, that’s too easy.” Acer countered, holding his chin as he sat in deep in thought.

“How do you figure?” Vondra asked, kneeling down to his level and set her blades on the ground.

“Well, remember how hard the soldiers back at the camp were fighting to keep the spores out of the camp? If they fought that hard against mushrooms, how hard do you think they would have fought to keep their kingdom safe? From what the king had told us, it was all at once and there was nothing that they could have done to prevent it when Pepe took over. So there had to be someone on the inside, someone who knew the inner workings of the kingdom and knew all of its weak points.”

“He does make a good point.” Dureau said flatly, looking over at Mercedes a moment, thinking back to when he had given the letter to Mastema to deliver to the Heroes so long ago.

“So do you think that was him?” Mercedes asked, already feeling a nervous excitement come over her, ready for a battle.

“It has to be; he was dressed in a fine robe with a mushroom shaped turban on his head.” Luminous answered.

“Alright, what’s our first move?” Latimer asked, jumping when he felt a hand come down on his shoulder, grabbing his crossbow and readying to fire when he saw that it was Dumia.

“Don’t scare me like that!” Latimer hissed.

“What did you want me to do? Go running down the halls waving my arms yelling for the guards to come?” Dumia asked with a snort before waving her hand and shaking her head.

“That’s not what I came here for. I left my Mecha on standby near where I think the wedding is going to be taking place for surveillance; the Princess is being held there right now and it’s crawling with Guards.”

“They should be of no matter.” Dureau answered coldly, his Agies flaring on his wrist.

“If only it were that simple. Before the chapel, there are three large fluffy things being ridden by three more penguins, but each of them has a crown. I think they are the younger Princes of Pepe, and are acting as a high guard.” Dumia activated her remote control, turning on the camera within it which depicted the large man and the one dressed in blue, who turned out to be an actual penguin.

“Oh that’s just wrong.” Dumia whispered, panning to the left slightly to see a slightly smaller penguin join the first one when three large creatures walked up to the door of the chapel where she had stationed her Mech. Each of them put a key into one of three locks on the door to open it, letting the large man and the two penguins through, then shutting the doors and locking them. They then turned around to stand guard, revealing the three penguins on their backs in saddles.

“This isn’t good. They just went into the chapel.” Dumia informed.

“We don’t have long… we need to get passed those guards.” Mercedes whispered.

“In my current state, I don’t have the power needed to quiet them before reinforcements are called upon. Not even my spirit lock can move me fast enough.” Dureau answered as Luminous said that he could try using his transporting ability which would get him to them, but still wouldn’t allow for an attack before they could call for backup. Vondra looked down and shook her head; if they couldn’t get passed they guards, there was no way they’d be able to stop the wedding without it becoming extremely complicated. As she thought, she remembered the solidified Pink Quartz power she had been given by Olsen. Quietly she reached into the sleeve of her glove, pulling out the small gem and watching as it sparkled in the sun, grinning to herself.

“I can do it. I have this; it should allow me to move fast enough.” Latimer’s eyes went wide.

“You’re planning on using that thing now?! You don’t even know what kind of effect if will have on you. Besides, you remember what it did to Olsen the first time he used it, and you haven’t even practiced!”

“Latimer, I’ll be fine. I’ll just use it for this one attack.” She assured, tucking the gem back into her sleeve and drawing her daggers.

Alright Olsen, let’s see what kind of juice you gave me.” She thought, thinking back to stories of her father how he had said he would ‘reach for the crystal’s power’ instead of using mana. Vondra closed her eyes for a few moments, trying to imagine what reaching for a power of that caliber would feel like, making herself feel the gem resting against her skin under her glove. The rush that flooded her body was something she was completely unprepared for, her hair and eyes turning bright pink while wings sprouted on her feet and the edges of her blades hummed with power.

She turned and began running down the hall towards the guards, everything seeming to be in slow motion as she crossed her blades. Golden light began streaming from their points and she ran, creeping down to the hilt until she was nearly upon the Guards, uncrossing her arms as fast as she could, skidding to a stop on one knee holding her blades up behind her. To the others it looked as though she had just teleported to where she was, watching as she slowly slid one of the daggers into the sheath on the back of her belt, and the other into the sheath on her hip. Just as the hilts made contact with the sheath neck, the Guards standing there collapsed to the ground as hot pink steam snaked into the air from their necks, allowing the others to run in her direction while she stood.

“All this talk about keeping me from killing, and then you go and kill the first thing you encounter that’s a problem for you: you are such a hypocrite human.” Dureau sneered when Vondra grabbed his arm.

“I restrained myself and hit them with the pummel of my daggers, not the blade.” Vondra answered before she collapsed to her knees, panting and heaving for breath.

“What’s wrong?” Mercedes asked since she and Acer were the last ones to walk passed her.

“She’ll be alright, just give her a minute. We need to stop that wedding.” Acer urged as Vondra nodded for Mercedes to go on ahead only able to mouth that she would catch up in a bit. Once they had left Vondra fell to her hands, heaving for breath as she reached into the knapsack for an orange peel potion; no wonder Jenny had warned them about using this kind of power. Sure the benefits were there, but this wasn’t exactly something she was prepared for. The others made their way to the courtyard leading into the chapel and once there Latimer, Dumia and Acer all hung their heads in annoyed defeat when they recognized the creatures standing guard.

“There’s no way we’ll defeat a Yeti in time. Normally the Yeti are a pain to deal with on their own, but these three look like they’ve been altered.” Dumia said, typing in something to the control unit on her arm.

“We don’t need to defeat them; we just need to take their keys. If you three can get them to drop their keys and hold them off, I’m sure that Dureau, Luminous and I should be able to restrain the one’s responsible for forcing the wedding.” Mercedes offered as they all looked to each other, visually asking for ‘a better idea’.

“Well, it’s all we’ve got.” Acer said hoisting the cannon onto his shoulder as it hummed to life.

“I shall retrieve the keys as they drop.” Drueau said, nodding to Dumia.

“Acer, you and Latimer draw their attention for just a bit, my mech is standing just outside the wall here but it’s running a start-up check. I need another few seconds before I join you.”

“Got it. Think you can keep up Latimer?” Acer asked with a grin as he ran out from their hiding spot and took aim.

“Oi! Your mother was a throw rug!” he shouted, making them turn their attention to him with an uninterested grunt. The momentary lull that followed gave Acer the time that he needed to charge one of his more powerful attacks. He slammed a plate on the side of the cannon, making violet colored swirls spiral over it and when he pulled the trigger, the very end of the barrel split apart into four pieces. From the spaces they created, three mana ribbons poured forward winding around themselves until they had created what looked to be a drill. It was only once the drill had solidified that the beasts realized that they were facing an enemy, all three of them raising their hands into the air. Another moment passed as even more mana compressed into the cannon itself, making pipelines and circuits along the cannon glow brightly.

“Take this you fuzzy beast.” Acer whispered when the drill spun up, howling a high pitched note before the cannon roared, launching the drill and slamming into the middle beast. The beasts that were beside him did little to acknowledge that one of them were taken down, slamming their hands into the ground as raceways of ice rocketed towards him. Acer quickly put the muzzle of his cannon of the ground, pulling the trigger launching him high into the air. But as he flew into the air, they didn’t notice Latimer walk forward holding down the trigger of his crossbow while a swirl of bright red-orange energy hung at the front of it until the arrow within the bow drove through the swirl, splitting into three arrows.

One of the beasts that looked down held up its arm, making all three arrows stick into its forearm which did nothing more than make it angry, roaring as loud as he could in pain. Blaze jumped in front of Latimer, his claws extended as his coat began to glow red making lose stones float into the air before unleashing a roar so loud that the entirety of the courtyard shook. Each of the beasts held up their hands to their ears, making something metal hit the ground. Dureau’s ears picked up the noise, his eyes wide and wild looking over the ground for where the noise had come from, quickly finding the key flashing across the courtyard, weaving between the attacks of the Yeti.

Just as he was reaching out his hand for the key, an explosion erupted above him when Acer tossed a small explosive barrel at the attacking Yeti, tossing it back. The look that Dureau shot back at him was deadly, but meaningful as though thanking him for his assistance close though it may have been. With another beat of his wings, Dureau was out of the fighting area and back with the others when Dumia jumped high over the wall, clasping her hand above her as they transformed into a rocket powered hammer. Her voice blasted over the external speakers as she hit the ground making a ripple spread from the contact point and knock another of the Yetis off balance, opening its clasped hand and let go of the tiny key into the air. Dureau was already focused on it and began making his way towards it before it had a chance to hit the ground.

The first Yeti that had been knocked aside finally got back up and began to wrestle with Dumia, matching the Mecha’s mechanical strength ounce for ounce. Acer landed just behind Dumia, spinning in the cannon around for a moment before dropping it on the ground, folding down the trigger handle as mana poured from the muzzle, creating a huge drum that felt like it was taking forever as Dumia pushed the yeti back as hard as she could when finally the drum was finished. Acer reached behind him, putting on a large metal glove and striking the drum as hard as he could: the resulting shockwave hit the Yeti hard, making him slide back into the second one.

Latmier used the opportunity of the two of them being pushed together to weaken them as a glowing arrow locked into place in the cross bow. He then reached his hand to a handle further up the body when the bolt doubled in diameter as a spring formed around the shaft launching the arrow hard enough that it pierced through both of the Yeti which neither of them felt in their rage. A third and final clink hit the ground, making Dureau search as fast as he could for the key; Luminous was the one to spot it and got to his feet as light began engulfing him.

“Get Mercedes to the door, I’ll meet you there.” he commanded, disappearing in a streak of light and arriving at the key with a running start. However he miscalculated as the large hand of the Yeti who had dropped it began to come down on him. Dumia turned to see what was happening, her mind racing as the Nanites in her system reacted and engaged the Rush Thrusters, making her once heavy mecha into a speeding ten ton bullet that reached out and stopped the hand just before Luminous passed by, grabbing the key and flashing to the door where Mercedes and Dureau waited. But as she held back the Yeti in her hand, another was rushing towards the door and there was nothing that she would be able to do about it, even if she engaged her Rush Thrusters again. Acer kicked his cannon off the ground into his hands jumping into the air and pulling the trigger, using the kickback from the mana shot to shove him back fast enough to slide in front of the door.

“Not this time bub!” he shouted, holding up the end of the cannon as it glowed bright red and fired a high energy beam, which once it had subsided, revealed that the Yet’s left arm had been disintegrated off. With a smirk he looked back to those that were behind him.

“Go on, we’ve got this.” He said slyly as they opened the door and slipped through, allowing him to turn his attention back to the Yeti still standing in front of him with a confused look on his face before turning back to Acer.

“What? You didn’t think I’d forgotten about you all of a sudden did you?” he smiled, cocking back the hammer of the cannon, taking aim at his head and pulling the trigger.


“I’ve never seen that kind of power.” Mercedes commented as they three of them ran through the halls.

“Latimer and Dumia are two of The Guardian’s children and are ranked among some of the best within Edelstein’s High Guard. The one with the cannon I’m not so familiar with.” Dureau answered.

“What of the other young woman?” Mercedes asked.

“Vondra?” Luminous asked.

“Yes, the power that she wielded is far beyond anything that I have ever seen. It is on par with that of Minerva.”

“Save your questions and ready for battle, the main sanctuary is just ahead.” Dureau commanded when they burst through the door, making the few that were at the front turn to them.

“Please! Don’t hurt us!” a woman said as two of her attendants moved closer together to protect her.

“Princess Violetta, please remember your position. I would hate for your father to be killed.” A Penguin said, waddling into the chamber with another shorter one beside him.

“Princess Violetta? That’s the Princess? Then you must be Pepe.” Luminous surmised, walking towards him with a purpose driven stride.

“Please stay away!” the Princess begged, appearing to try and keep her face hidden from view.

“Your father has sent us to put an end to this, and that is exactly what we intend to do.” Dureau answered, walking up with Mercedes beside Luminous.

“Someone such as you is a warrior?” the princess asked, turning her head towards Mercedes and spreading her fingers just enough that her light tan eyes shone between her fingers. Mercedes looked down to her, turning her head in wonder at her question.

“Why would you ask something as such Princess?”

“Are you here to stop me or are you here to discuss make-up tactics?!” the penguin asked angrily, stamping his foot which only made a rather comedic slapping noise against the ground. Dureau raised his wings when he saw a small smirk on the penguin’s face and began to rush him, his left arm becoming a large clawed nightmare and held Pepe against the wall.

“Please, you have to leave before he comes! No one can stand up to him.” the princess begged again. Dureau was confused, trying to decode what the Princess meant by another him coming since Pepe was already here, when he felt a twinge of power making him stop and jump back. He moved just in time as a large stone something crashed into the ground, caving in part of the floor and lifting the dust from between the bricks.

“You will face me.” A voice said with a growl as the stone shrank away and revealed a large man pulling his feet from the ground and step up the crater. Luminous looked over at the princess, noting that her demeanor had become fearful, shrinking away from the scene and away from the penguins that stood near her.

“And who would you be?” Mercedes demanded reaching for her bow guns as the Soul Arrows came to life on the back of the body.

“I am the one that made the invasion for Pepe possible. King Mushi has been leading this kingdom with a soft hand, so it is time for someone that has drive, presence, and a will to lead the kingdom the way it should be led.” He said, sweeping the short staff in his hand to the side, blowing away the dust that had gathered around him revealing a substantially overweight man dressed in a fine suit and a mushroom shaped medal on his lapel.

“My name is Augustine, Prime Minister of the Mushroom Empire. Pepe has the military resources that I lack, since most of the soldiers of this kingdom wouldn’t think about joining my cause to overthrow the old king and give this kingdom what it deserves!”

“What you are talking about is nothing short of tyranny Augustine!”  The princess yelled, turning away and putting her hands to the ground, which made Dureau begin to wonder why she constantly turned away.

“On the contrary Violetta.” Augustine laughed when Luminous roared.

“Enough! The rightful king of this land will be returned to his throne!” Luminous thundered, his right eye glowing brightly, lowering his stance as dark energy began to emanate from the end of his staff.

“Then I would like to see you try.” Augustine grinned, holding his staff up slightly, making his hat glow a strange blue-violet and conjuring soldiers from his own mana.

“Destroy them!” he shouted. Luminous simply grinned and a large card-like formation of light appeared behind him, swinging his staff with a wide arch making small spears of light shoot down from the card at the soldiers. Few of the soldiers managed to deflect the incoming spears, and those that didn’t were cut through their bodies. Mercedes leapt into the air, shooting forward in a swirl of light towards Augustine taking aim and about to pull the trigger when his staff glowed brightly, allowing him to leap just as high as Mercedes had. His actions caught her by surprise when she was suddenly facing the same man made of stone, swinging his fist down at her hard.

In another burst of green light, Mercedes shot higher making him miss, but allowed her to pull the triggers of her guns slamming arrows into the minister’s back and drive him to the ground. Luminous was too busy with the soldiers on the ground to notice the incoming stone Minister, shoved out of the way by Dureau. Once Dureau had pushed Luminous, he held back his mace as far as he could which became a large twin bladed scythe and swung up as hard as he could. The blade caught the Minister in the crook of the blade and threw him to the ground making Dureau wince in pain: the minister was heavier than he looked and he could feel it in his shoulder. Once the minister landed, the stone armor around him faded giving Luminous the chance he needed to rush past Dureau with a hexagonal dome forming around him, pushing the Minister back hard towards Mercedes who had landed not too far away.

Glowing ferns reached up her legs, crossing her guns as a breeze curled around them and gathered her hair into a vertical cushion as a look of determination set itself on her attractive face. The minister had only enough time to watch as Mercedes rushed to him, slamming one of her guns into the ground and pulling the trigger, launching him into the air as a large corkscrew burst from the ground. Still using her forward momentum, she lifted her body parallel to the ground and aimed her other bow straight up as golden arrows fired from it, slicing through the Minister’s flabby body before he crashed back to the ground.

“Is that all you’ve got?” The minister asked with a growl as he got to his feet, shaking the blood from his hand after checking one of his wounds and holding up his wand, transforming him into stone once more. Dureau readied to attack, his right arm becoming nothing but a clawed cloud as he ran forward. But when he stopped behind the minister, the only evidence that he had done anything remained only as surface scratches. Blood spurt from Dureau’s claws and he reached for his now broken arm. Luminous twirled his staff then held it parallel to the ground as he was beginning to activate a spell booster, but was caught off guard when the Minister was standing over him and swung his fist sending Luminous crashing into the wall hard.

“I’m telling you; there is no defeating me!” He shouted, turning to Mercedes and jumping at her. Before she had a chance to react, the Minister crashed into the ground in front of her making her jump back at a bad angle, twisting her ankle hard when she landed and bringing her to the ground.

“This is my kingdom now! And there is nothing that will stop me!” the Minister shouted. Luminous pulled himself from the rubble, looking beyond the Minister noticing that Pepe and the priest had been conducting the wedding while they were busy with the Minister. From around Luminous, a dark light flared across the ground while an orb appeared at his side, circling him as he stood and shot forward in a flash of light where another orb appeared, circling him once again. The minister noticed Luminous movements and was about to charge at him when Dureau appeared before him in a pillar of dark light, his appearance causing a small pressure wave to push the Minister back.

“I still owe you for what you’ve done.” Dureau said darkly, swinging his mace down hard making the Minister forcefully bow as a flare of dark orange Agies tore through the stone exterior. With another hard swing forward, the stone around his torso was turned to dust forcing the Minister backwards. Dureau stepped into his attack, swinging up as hard as he could at the Minster’s chin, throwing his head back into the air only to be met once again with another swing even harder than the last, which made the stone around his head crack and peel away.

“NOW DIE!” Dureau growled, stepping back and holding his mace as far back as he could reach where his Agies flared into the shape of what appeared to be a Dragon’s head, rushing forwards and clamping its jaw around him as it drove the Minister back. Mercedes breathed hard, rising above the pain that burned in her ankle, taking aim at the Minister once again as the bolts that lay in wait became spirals of green and black energy that caught the Minister as he was thrown back, pinning him to the wall for a moment before dissipating and letting him drop to the ground. The minister looked up as he struggled to get back up, seeing that Luminous had stopped the old and gullible priest from marrying off the Princess and holding Pepe off to the side.

“It’s not over!” the fat man said, struggling to get to his feet, only to fall over to the ground once again.

“Yes, it is Augustine. There is no honor in continuing to fight when you’ve already lost.” Mercedes answered sternly, managing to limp over and stand over him with one of her guns to his face.

“I’m still alive and I still have this!” the minister snarled, holding up his staff as it began to glow until Luminous took it away from him after tying up Pepe and his son.

“This is not something that a person of your caliber should even be allowed to handle. This is a precious Aurora crystal, one used by the mages of the Order of Light!” Luminous shouted, slamming the wand to the ground and breaking the fist sized crystal free from it. Dureau held his mace to the side, readying the large scythe as aura gathered around it to create the blade when the soldiers of King Mushi burst through the door followed by Laitmer, Dumia, and Vondra. Quickly Luminous reached his hand to Dureau’s wrist and shook his head as the soldiers surrounded Augustine, all pointing their spears down at him while Mercedes pulled Dureau away.

“Augustine, I can’t believe that you would do something of this caliber against your own kingdom.” King Mushi said with a grunt as he stood over him, walking with the assistance of Kelly.

“You’ve ruled too long Mushi, and you’ve become soft.” Augustine growled, hissing through his teeth as the pain of his wounds from the battle began to burn.

“Then maybe it is time that I pass the throne to another, but I will be the one to pass it to one who is worthy of it. Taking a kingdom by force is beneath you Augustine; you are hereby banished from the Mushroom Empire. Until you are able to leave on your own, you will be held in prison.” King Mushi declared. Augustine grit his teeth hard, more so groaning against the pain that was pulsing through his arms, legs and part of his gut that had been pierced.

“You are going to run this kingdom to ruin Mushi, you have no idea what this kingdom could have been.” With some assistance from one of the guards, Mushi knelt down to him and locked gazes.

“You’re right, I don’t know what this kingdom would have been. But with what I’ve seen you do in a matter a three days, I’m glad that it will never be. Take him away, and treat his wounds.” Roughly, the guards pulled him to his feet, escorting him out of the chapel as he shouted threats of his return. While Mushi went to see his daughter to make sure that she was alright, Dumia walked up to Dureau, asking him something with a serious tone in her voice.

“I saw you standing over the Prime Minister: would you have killed him if we hadn’t come when we did?” Dureau looked up, watching the soldiers lead Pepe and his soldiers away from the chapel in chains and smirked, grunting slightly as he reached up to his broken arm.

“I guess we’ll never know.” He chuckled. Dumia huffed as she shook her head and was about to press further for a straight answer when the voice of the princess cut her thought short.

“Some of you may have been wondering why it is that I have been hiding my face from you.” she began, turning her veiled face slightly towards Dureau before continuing on.

“Indeed I have been, but only because it has been a tradition for many years that the princess must hide her face until she has been married. For a long while I have been speaking with my father to lift the edict since it is not only a bother to me, but makes me feel as though I am disconnected from the people of this land. And so finally, my father the King has agreed to lift it and I would like you to be the first outside of the royal family to see my face.” Vondra instantly stepped before them and waved her hands back and forth.

“No no no, you don’t need to do that. I think the people of the Mushroom Empire should be the ones to…”

“Please; after all you were the ones to stop the horrible wedding from taking place and saved the entirety of the Mushroom Empire. I feel that it is the least I could do to thank you.” With a sweep of her hands, the Princess pulled back her veil causing all who were there to gaze with adoration at her simple beauty.

“It’s no wonder your father had made such an edict in the first place. You are indeed a beautiful Princess.” Mercedes commented, kneeling to the ground and urging the others to do the same.

“I thank you for the complement coming from someone such as you since your beauty surpasses that of my own.” Violetta answered. Mercedes smiled, but in actuality she was becoming tired of the constant compliments to her beauty. As they were beginning to stand, a soldier ran back into the chapel, his armor bloodied and walking with a limp dragging his leg behind him until Latimer caught him before he hit the ground, quickly surrounded by the King and a few of the soldiers.

“What happened?” the king asked as the soldier reached up and gripped the King’s coat.

“Please forgive use sire. They attacked us from nowhere, and took the Prime Minister with them.” he gurgled, gritting his teeth in pain.

“Save your strength soldier. Quickly, take him to have his wounds treated.” Mushi commanded, looking back to the hall where the soldier had come from: who on earth would have wanted to take the Prime Minister?


Calmly Clytemnestra swept the brush through her long hair until Irena came walking though the door, interrupting the quite she had surrounded herself in, crushing the brush with a pulse of black power.

“Yes? What is it?” she asked with a sneer, getting up from the vanity and turning to face her.

“He’s here to speak with you about…” Irena was shoved out of the way as Augustine and a few of the penguin soldiers from Pepe’s army roughly came through the door.

“How dare you deceive me Clytemnestra! You promised that The Guardians were no longer here in Ossyria!” Augustine bellowed. Clytemnestra simply smiled, walking up to him as she twisted her hips side to side, looking up at him alluringly until she was close enough to him that it offered him a grand view of her chest while placing a hand on the side of his plump face.

“Indeed, they are no longer here in Ossyria. Whoever it was that came and stopped you was not part of my concern. You failed and that is all there is to that.” She said softly, turning around and walking away from him as the apparatus hovered over to her and put its metal arms around her.

“Then help me take the Kingdom back from King Mushi! I am the rightful ruler of the land!”

“Your wants are your responsibility; I have fulfilled my contract with you and I am not bound to assist you any further.” Augustine’s face went red with rage, grabbing a nearby weapon and readying to attack her.

“You will help me or I will…” his sentence cut off as Clytemnestra turned around, sweeping her hand back turning Augustine and the soldiers that came with him into ashes blowing across the ground.

“What a waste of space.” She mumbled as Irena closed the doors, leaving her to her peace once again. For a brief moment she put her hand to her forehead and seemed to have become lost, looking around for something until she spied a mirror and walked slowly up to it. She looked at her hands and touched her face, leaning closer to inspect it. As she continued to look in the mirror, her image suddenly became a black cloaked figured with red glowing eyes, black aura seeping from his body into the air surprising her so much that she fell back in fear against the bed. The impact from hitting her head caused a temporary black out, after which she put a hand to her head then looked at her palm before clenching her hand so tightly that her nails dug into her flesh, making a stream of crimson fall to the ground.

I see. You are becoming quite the bother. Perhaps one day, I will be rid of you.

“I won’t be banished from my own body so easily.”
a female voice thought in return. Clytemnestra slowly let out a hissing breath, looking up into the mirror that was before her, holding her bloody hand up and firing an invisible spear of power, shattering the image into hundreds of herself. Perhaps Yoshumari was right; perhaps she did fear her. But even if that were so, she was in control, not her.

“You will submit in time.” she hissed holding her hand under the other as she began healing her wound.
The Guardians L.O. - Ch 9 pt 2, re-E3
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 - Chapter 10: Rolling Thunder of the Past, pt 1

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This is the Third Season of "The Guardians" saga, A fanfiction. Here is the  First Season Beginning

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Second Season Beginning

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Chapter 9: Scores of Spores

“How can I be assured that what you are telling me is true?” Augustine bellowed, his large belly jiggling as he put emphasis on different words. Clytemnestra smoothly walked across his office, adjusting the golden cross medal on his lapel; a small mushroom shaped imprint in the center.

“Whether or not you trust what I tell you is entirely up to you. We made a deal if you remember that once I presented you the means to take this kingdom for your own, you would provide me with the Seal of Ossyria.” The man huffed and walked around to the back of his desk, slumping down into its chair.

“Yes, but I am still not satisfied with knowing whether or not the pesky Guardians of Ossyria have been dealt with. If I am to take this kingdom, I must have assurance they won’t be a problem that until I am able to transfer the crown to myself.” Clytemnestra chuckled and smiled mysteriously, sitting across his desk, provocatively crossing one leg over the other, speaking with a seductive, whispering moan in her voice.

“Augustine, need I remind you that I am not a patient person. I will have what I want; the question you need to ask yourself is if you want to give  the Seal to me and live to rule, or do you want me to be more blunt and pull it from your dead hands?” She asked. Augustine looked down to the glowing blue sliver of crystal that had been placed in his small staff, payment for the Seal she sought. It gave him a feeling of power. When he looked back up, he stumbled a bit when he was met with such an enticing sight. Regaining himself he reached into the desk and pulled out something wrapped in burlap.

“I suppose you are right; here is the Seal as promised. But I must know, are The Guardians of Ossyria still here?” he asked as Clytemnestra wrapped her fingers around it and took it from him. Carefully she spread the rough fabric to make sure that the Seal was indeed within it, her eyes widening for a moment she saw the golden square shaped plate. Once she was sure, she simply wrapped the Seal again and smiled darkly at Augustine. Strange whispers surrounded the two of them for a moment, fading away once she had disappeared in a cloud of black aura. No sooner had she left than a knock came on the secret door behind the bookshelf, revealing a royally dressed penguin waddling in to the front of Augustine’s desk.

“So, have you gotten the means to overthrow King Mushi?” he asked with a humming, nasal voice.

“That I have Pepé. But I still have my doubts about the promise she made to me concerning ‘The Guardians’ being within Ossyria. You might want to take extra precautions. Bring more soldiers, I’ll find a way to disrupt the creatures around the Kingdom.”


“There has to be a way that we can find the Seals faster.” Dumia whined, sitting down roughly on the ground next to the others after helping to build a makeshift camp.

“I’m sorry to say Dumia, but there isn’t. We can only trust Evan and Mir as best we can to find them.” Latimer answered when a strong huff came from Mercedes who stood behind him.

“You still think that this Evan is the reincarnation of Freud, don’t you? He is NOTHING like him. For one he would never allow his heart to be stolen by the very dragon that he partnered with.” Mercedes retorted sharply, shaking her head and about to walk off when Luminous walked into their circle.

“Luminous, I haven’t seen you in a couple days: where’ve you been?” Dumia asked, shrinking back slightly when he looked at her darkly, his right eye glowing under the hair over it.

“I’ve been making sure that Lania is safe, placing barrier anchors around her house. It’s not something that can just be thrown together at the last minute if you want it to last.” He answered, turning away sadly.

“Is that all? Or are you just trying to make her into Lucia?” Mercedes asked flatly while Luminous stared back at her.

“I just want her to be safe.” Luminous finally answered, taking a seat when someone came walking in their midst, stopping cold from the tension in the air.

“Yes? What is it?” Patricia asked, sliding her wand though the back of her belt as though it were a short sword, wincing slightly as her arm moved; even though a high level Priest had healed her broken arm there was still some lingering aches.

“I’ve come with a message for the ‘Guadians of Ossyria’?” the man said as Patricia walked over to him.

“Who is it from?” she asked.

“He didn’t say, only that he needed to give it to the Guardians of Ossyria.” Patricia looked back to the others, at which Latimer gave a small nod, walking closer to her.

“We are the Guardians of Ossyria. One of us isn’t here right now, but we are the ones that you have been looking for.” The man sighed in relief, telling them that a man dressed in a vest, cream afgan pants and a mushroom shaped hat had come running up to the guards standing outside the gate.

“He said that he had been running for three days to get this message here from King Mushi of the Mushroom Empire.”

“The Mushroom Empire? What’s that?” I’ve never heard of it.” Vondra exclaimed.

“It’s a small kingdom that was created while Minerva was still alive and has been existing out of sight to everyone on the outskirts of Henesys. Their main exports to Ossyria, unsurprisingly, were fine Gourmet Mushrooms.” Mercedes answered as Patricia pulled the seal off the letter when Acer walked in, setting he heavy cannon down with a thud.

“What’s this I hear about a kingdom in trouble?” He asked with enthusiasm.

“I’m just opening the scroll now.” Patricia answered as Acer took a seat, waiting in child-like anticipation while she looked over the letter.

“Well?” Acer asked.

“It says here that the King of the Penguins Pepé has invaded, and has quite successfully taken over the Mushroom Castle. He’s going to force the Princess to marry Pepe’s oldest son to ‘finalize’ an apparent alliance that was made to the Penguins. It goes on to say that the soldiers fighting against Pepé’s forces witnessed a strange blue power that would shoot down at them from time to time out of nowhere. It also says that King Mushi states no such alliance was promised to the Penguins and that it seems as though someone else is in control. He urges us to come as soon as possible.”

“Well then, what are we standing around here for? We’ve got a kingdom to save!” Acer said proudly, hoisting the gun onto his back.

“How many reloads do you have for that thing?” Dumia asked, standing and pulling on her gloves.

“Just one.” Acer answered confidently.

“One? Acer, we’re going up against Minerva knows how many enemies and you’re only bringing one reload? I’m loading an extra belt in each of my mech’s arms, and you’re only going to bring one reload?”

“It’s not like I’ll be completely helpless. I still have the cloak Jack gave me, which I still need to figure out how to use, and the mana shots that I’ve been working on. Besides, I can’t carry more than that: the things are heavy!” Dumia pushed out her bottom jaw, breathing in a hard breath before pointing to him.

“I swear Acer, if you get in the way, you’ll find out just how many bullets one Mech can hold. I’ll be ready in five.” Dumia huffed, walking away from the area making Acer laugh.

“Sometimes that chick doesn’t know when to take a joke does she?” he laughed, shifting the weight on his shoulder. Vondra only laughed and shook her head, crossing her arms under her chest.

“No she doesn’t. You guys can come to since it would prove advantageous to you.” Vondra said pointing to Mercedes, checking the cutting edges of her daggers.

“Very well.” She huffed, motioning for Luminous to do the same.

“What about Phantom? We could use his help for something like this.” Latimer pointed out.

“He’s made his choice; if he comes back, it will be because he wants to, not because we asked him.” Mercedes answered flatly.

“I’m afraid I’ll be staying here as well. The Priest that I’ve been seeing to heal my arm hasn’t been able to fully heal it yet. Your healer in Ellul did take the pain away at least, but my arm is going to need a bit more time.” Patricia said, holding up her arm in a crude cast made of a partially torn dress. Latimer almost seemed a bit disappointed and was about to say something when Dumia’s mech roared to life and he decided to say something else.

“Alright; we’ll be back as soon as we can.” Latimer called, following after the others heading for the outskirts of Henesys, following Mercedes and Luminous as they knew where it was supposed to be. Patricia pondered what it must have been like for the real Guardians when they were assigned their first mission: how did they feel? Was there a knot in the bottom of their stomachs too like there was in her’s right now? Were the others feeling the same thing? Looking down at her wrist, she watched the light dance across the gem of power Helen had given her as well as the black cloak she had around her shoulders.

“I only hope we’re going to do the right thing like you guys did.” She said to the wind, watching Latimer until he was far out of sight. Her attention was then drawn to a young boy, no more than three or four who had become lost and was crying, curled up in a corner near where she was standing. It reminded her of the story Olsen had told about when he and Jenny first met as kids. She smiled as she walked over to him, calming him and taking his hand to find his parents.


Starling pushed her way through the brush on the outskirts of Leafre as quickly as she could, leading her to the small hut where she had taken care of Yoshumari after the battle with the Black Mage. Despite her best efforts, there were scars dealt to him that even she wouldn’t be able to heal. She finally found him sitting on a rock, looking down at Eleanor’s headstone just outside the hut, staring at a rose he held up before him.

“I was wondering when you were going to get here.” Yoshumari chuckled, sliding off the rock and tenderly setting the rose on top of a bouquet resting in front of the stone, then plucking one of his feathers and setting it down on top of the roses.

“Yoshumari, I know that you loved her, but don’t you think after 18 years you should move on?” Starling asked; there had been times she said that same thing over and over again through the 18 years past, but it felt like he never did.

“I know I should, but there are still parts of me that can’t.” He answered, putting a hand to the scar on his chest from the Mage’s attack that had nearly killed him.

“What about the people that love you who are watching you tear yourself apart?” Starling asked as Yoshumari stood and turned around.

“You told me once that I had better return to you. But I don’t think I can, not when one is as broken as I.” he smiled, until Starling ran to him and put her arms around him, hugging him close.

“Then I’ll come to you. I can’t watch you tear yourself apart anymore.”

“Star, I’ve chosen a path that I must walk alone. Only when the Black Mage has paid in full for what he has done…”

“I told you to come back to me and I meant it! I didn’t mean it as something to do when you felt like it. I thought that by giving you time to deal with your wounds that you would come back to me, but you haven’t! I told you before that after I met you, I realized that I didn’t have to be alone anymore; you taught me that. It was a painful few months not having you there while you were undercover, and it hurt knowing that you had fallen in love with one of the Black Wings when I was right there!” Starling cried, loosening her grip and looking up into his eyes.

“But I stayed, waiting, hoping that you would come back to me, and in a way you did. But I can’t stand it any longer! You still can’t let her go, and I’m tired of being alone! It hurts…” she wailed, putting her forehead to his chest. Yoshumari swallowed hard as what Starling said struck him hard over and over again: had he become such a traitor as to toss aside a woman that he had loved before for another? Had she really been waiting for him all this time? With eerie silence he put his arms around her then wrapped his wings around them.

“It hurts, Dragon. It hurts to be alone...”

“I’m sorry for making you wait so long Star.” He whispered, sliding a hand up her back to the top of her head.

“I thought I could handle it again, but I can’t, not any more. Please, don’t ever leave me again; even if you must get revenge for her death, please let me come with you. Don’t leave me behind anymore.” She begged, gripping the lapel of his coat as hard as she could while tears dropped onto the leather.

“I promise Starling, I won’t leave you behind, not now, not ever.” Yoshumari answered kissing the top of her head, looking back to Eleanor’s grave with saddened eyes over Starling’s head.

I promise Eleanor, I WILL make sure that The Mage pays for what he’s done to you.” he thought, walking back to camp with Starling under his arm. As they walked away, Yoshumari thought that for a brief moment he felt Eleanor’s hand brush against the back of his neck and a whisper in his ear.

Thank you, Dragon.” It said. Quickly Yoshumari turned around to see who was there, but there was no one, making him smile as he looked down to the ground.

“Yoshumari? What’s wrong?” Starling asked, stilling holding his hand as he turned back around and began walking away once again, still with the saddened smile on his face.

“It’s nothing Star.” He answered, putting his arm around her waist and kissing her gently as they walked, coming over a hill able to clearly see all of Ossyria from their vantage point. His attention was then peaked as he looked in the direction of Ereve, feeling a slight rise in power emanating from it.

She has another one.” Yoshumari thought to himself, unaware that Starling heard him mutter the same sentence aloud.


All of the Advance masters had seen the barrier descend over all of Ossyria effectively cutting them off from the rest of the world with a strange colored sky hanging high above them. No sooner had the spell completed itself then Grendal was already researching as much as he could. After a few days of non-stop searching, both Athena and Dances with Balrog both came to see him.

“Have you found anything old friend?” Dances asked, pulling the hood from his head. Grendal looked up from his tome and slowly shook his head.

“This is the work of Dream Fragments, parts to a larger spell. From what I was able to find, it tells of how these fragments work, but to disarm them requires something much more than we currently have at our disposal.” He said sadly, closing a book and sitting back in his grand chair.

“What of Gregory and May? Are they alright? The last that I had heard of them, they were in Florina.”

“I have tried contacting them, but have had no success. I can only assume that they were caught outside the area affected by the Dream Fragments.” He replied. It appeared there was something more he wanted to say, but it was of a grim nature. Athena lowered her brow and nodded, her thoughts turning to Eckhart as she turned and left. Her thoughts lead her to one of many balconies of the mansion and over looked the endless miles of pure white within El Nath.

“I heard what was being said: you’re thinking of Eckhart again aren’t you?” Kyrin asked, leaning against the railing beside Athena and crossing her arms. Athena sadly nodded and looked down to the ring still on her hand, turning it this way and that as the light reflected off the diamond.

“It just kills me to not know whether or not my Eckhart is still out there.” Athena answered.

“Why don’t you ask Grendal to activate a search spell?” Kyrin asked, pulling her weight from the rail and turning to face Athena.

“Because I’m afraid of what could be; that the ones who took his place have…” But Athena stopped her sentence not wanting to continue. Kyrin smirked and put her arm around her and lead her back into Grendal just as he was finishing up reading through a rather thick tome.

“Grendal, can you please search for Eckhart. I need to know if he is still alive.” Athena asked meekly. Grendal slid the book back onto the shelf and turned back to her.

“Athena, you should be prepared for the fact…”

“Don’t say it!” Athena countered. Grendal nodded and held out his palm where a compass-like devise sat, mana flowing into its crude circuitry as the needle began to spin.

“I was going to say Athena that he could be outside the barrier, so it is a very likely fact that this spell won’t…” The compass jingled, catching Grendal’s attention as the needle wobbled for a moment then pointed true directly towards the Minar Forest. Athena’s breath caught in her throat as she dared hope.

“Is he…”

“He’s alive and well. Take this, and it will guide you to him.” Grendal said holding out the compass.

“But what if…”

“Athena, go. In fact, I think all of us should go. With the world in the state it is, I doubt there will be those strong enough to make the journey here. At this point the people of Ossyria could use all the help they can get.” Athena rushed into her room, packing what it was that she would need, grabbing her bow and a quiver, waiting for the others to gether what they could and then beginning traveling to where the compass was leading her.

Eckhart, please wait for me.


Again and again there was a cold, sharp pain that would plunge under his skin: his fins began to feel strange as did his body which began to curl into an upside down “L” shape. There was still one last thing that he hadn’t tried which would allow him to escape, the only problem was it that he could usually swim away after he had done it. But right now, he was nowhere near a body of water. It was worth a shot though if it meant that he could get away from these dreaded humans. Concentrating, he began tensing his abdominal muscles opposite each other: within him a power began to build, causing his whole body to itch.

The humans dressed in white began running everywhere all around him, trying and do something about his power. No matter what they did they couldn’t do anything about it and began running away: exactly what he wanted. Electricity began to flow freely from his body, overloading some of the equipment around him and even making holes in the ground where it struck, when that same black cloaked man put a hand on him and instantly made all the power he had created disappear. He looked up at the man
when Firebolt suddenly lifted his head from the pillow and gasped hard, looking around at where he was, suddenly realizing that he was in the camp set up by the Silent Crusade outside of Edelstein. He hadn’t been sleeping well during the night and when he did, it was only for short bursts before he would be frightened awake by one of the many nightmares that plagued him, so he would often sleep during the day when he had the chance.

“Hawkeye? What’s wrong?” Monsoon asked with a soothing tone. She had been watching him toss and turn in his sleep as tiny threads of his lightning would feel over his body.

“It was another dream.” He said, slowly calming his fearful breathing.

“Were you still seeing the same thing?”

“No, this time was different. This time, I felt as though I was this predatory fish. Some of my body was beginning to change, but I was trying to use an electric attack to escape. I almost had when that same black cloaked figure put his hand on me and stopped it all.”

“And that’s when you woke up just now isn’t it?” Monsoon asked, setting her bow down and sitting next to him. Firebolt nodded cradling his head in his hand and closing his eyes, suddenly falling asleep and resting his head in Monsoon’s lap, seeming to be peacefully sleeping for the first time in ages when Holocaust and Shadow walked back into the camp, at which Monsoon put her finger to her lips telling them to be quiet.

“Is he still having those nightmares?” Shadow asked, which was answered by Monsoon’s nod. Holocaust knelt down next to him, placing her hand over his forehead when Firebolt’s body seemed to relax fully.

“Brilliance told me that Yoshumari did this once to Black Phoenix, what exactly did you do?” Holocaust stood up once again, the glow from her staff making the shadows on her face become deeper, aging her far more than she looked.

“It’s a spell that originated from an ability of the Seraphim that I learned while spending some time with Helen before the fall of Ereve. It calms one’s mind so that they can sleep without having the thoughts of the day interrupt them.” She replied, turning her attention to the vast ocean that was before her were one could usually see the coast of Ossyria, only now it was replaced by a thick cloud of fog and endless waves of water.

“I wonder how they are doing in there?” Holocaust asked quietly.


The six of them finally made their way through the outskirts of what was left of Henesys, sneaking past the guards that constantly patrolled the area, sometimes even having to run from them.

“What are they? The power they produce is unlike anything I’ve seen.” Mercedes exclaimed, finally able to clip her bows to his belt.

“It feels as though their power stems from Black Magic.” Luminous answered.

“I recognize them: they’re the Empress’s chief knights. Without the influence of Black Magic they were powerful, but I doubt those are the actual knights, their personality wouldn’t allow for it.” Latimer answered, as Dumia watched her HUD for enemies.

“I think we lost ‘em for a while.” Dumia sighed, retracting the machine guns in her mech’s arms and turning to the others, pulling back the cockpit canopy.

“So now where do we go?” Vondra asked, as Luminous and Mercedes seemed as though they were searching for something, holding their hands out like searching for something in the dark.

“I said before that the Mushroom Empire was in a place out of the way, when in fact it’s actually in a pocket dimension similar to that of what we are in right now.” Mercedes explained when Luminous’ hand touched something and a rift appeared in mid air distorting everything that was behind it like a ripple in a pond, settling into nothing not long after.

“Am I going to even be able to fit this thing through that?” Dumia asked, pointing to herself.

“This rift is actually just a barrier; anyone of us can pass through it and it is infinitely high. The trouble is finding it.” Mercedes answered when something sounded as if it were flying in from behind them. Luminous chuckled and began speaking before turning around.

“I didn’t expect you to come Yosh…” He was surprised when instead of seeing Yoshumari flying grandly in, he saw Dureau landing ominously behind them.

“I remember being in search of this place for the longest time under the leadership of the Black Mage and I never could find it.” He said smoothly, not moving when Acer hauled the cannon over his shoulder and pointed it into his face, charging the kickback thrusters.

“And what are you doing here now? Are you still searching for it?” Acer asked with a sneer. Dureau pulled his smile to the side, grabbing the end of the barrel lifting Acer with the gun off the ground, setting him to the side.

“No, however I did happen by the quaint little camp you set up, and happened to hear that you left a while ago to help someone in need. The man I had spoken with was generous enough to tell me where it was that you were heading.”

“How do we know that you aren’t going to turn us over to the Black Wings once you’ve left us?” Vondra asked with a sneer, only to be met with a fierce and deadly stare from Dureau.

“The Black Wings betrayed me and I have no intentions of helping them. From what the man told me, it appears as though some kind of arrangement went on between Clytemnestra and someone of this kingdom. If that is indeed the case then I want in. It will be a pleasure to make whatever plans she made burn in hell.” He growled, his Agies surrounding him making a few strands of his hair float in the upward draft. Dumia activated one of the miniguns in her mech’s arm and pointed it at Dureau, spinning it up in preparation to fire.

“You better not betray us.” She growled, opening the vents for the jet punch.

“I will disrupt the plans of the Black Wings. If you get in my way, that’s your fault.” Dureau answered as he looked up at her from under his eyebrows, walking around her and through the barrier quietly.

“He’s truly a demon.” Luminous answered, motioning for the others to follow him through the barrier, finding a path that led them to a small encampment surrounded by a few guards all dressed in cream afgan pants, blue vests and mushroom shaped hats. Just as they were about to enter, a heavy set man stepped before them, holding a spear to them ready to attack along with a few guards.

“Who are you and how did you find this Kingdom? I’ve never seen you here before, and frankly, I don’t care. Just turn around and leave this place at once.” The man said in a gruff voice.

“We came here at the request of King Mushi, he had sent a letter to us.” Latimer explained as the man pushed the spear further into their faces, trying to intimidate them to walk back.

“If you are indeed here to help us then you can help my soldiers with the wave of enemies that is pummeling us right now.” The man pointed his spear to a side where a line of soldiers were battling a swarm of something that looked like mushrooms with tiny legs.

“With pleasure.” Luminous answered, the crystal in his staff glowing as he ran towards the line, followed closely by the others jumping in front of the solders and quickly wiping out the onslaught in just a few seconds. The soldiers that had been fighting for the past two hours finally collapsed from exhaustion while Luminous and Mercedes did what they could using a simple healing spell and handing out small thimble sized bottles of Orange Peel potions to help recover their energy quicker. The man that had stopped them earlier eyed Luminous, watching as the crystal in his staff slowly began to dim after the battle.

That is the same kind of glow my soldiers say came from the battlefield.” the man thought, waving a hand telling the soldiers around him to stand down and return to their post. He then walked to the first person that he felt he could trust, Dumia, and set his spear down, kneeling with some effort to one knee.

“Please forgive me for my earlier conduct; I am Kelly, Head of Security. The safety of the king is my top priority, so I have to be suspicious of everyone that I see. I’m still very suspicious of you, but I was the one to make sure the messenger was sent off safely.” Kelly scanned over them, looking intently at their faces, when he came across Dureau and became infuriated.

“What is he doing here?! Are you still searching for this kingdom and used them as your pawns?!” Kelly shouted, lowering his spear to his chest. Dureau chuckled haughtily pushing the spear away with the back of his hand.

“I’m surprised you still remember that. But, no I’m no longer associated with the entity that you knew me for. I could care less about what you held anymore.”

“And how do I know that you won’t go running back to them as soon as you leave here?” Kelly asked strongly.

“If I had the power I would eradicate them myself.” Dureau answered, locking stares with Kelly making an odd and long silence follow.

“You five, come with me to speak with the king. But you demon slayer, you will remain until we return. As will you mage.” Kelly said sternly pointing to Luminous. He jerked his head back in surprise with a puzzled look on his face.

“How have I been of any offence to you?”

“The power that you wield is the same kind that killed a hundred of my men in the blink of an eye. I will not let it near the King.” Kelly answered shortly, pointing to the crystal in his staff before turning and leading the others away with him to speak with the king about their dilemma.

“The same power? It seems as though someone has managed to get a grip on one of your crystals.” Dureau laughed darkly while he leaned against a nearly vertical bank of earth.

“An Aurora crystal? If that is indeed the case then whoever has it is grossly misusing its power.” Luminous answered him, setting his staff upright and looking over the master crystal that had been set into it.

“Is it a gross misuse? Or are you simply envious that another that has more than likely never heard of the Order of Light is able to draw such power from it?” Dureau smiled, resting his hand on the mace hanging from his belt.

“The Aurora crystals were never meant to be a source of power, only a point of focus to enhance one’s magic. But I must ask, what did Kelly mean by asking if you were still searching for this place?” Dureau looked up at his from under his brow, making a small smile curl the corner of his mouth, the mark on his face glowing.

“While I was still under the command of the Black Wings, one of my many missions for him was to search for this place and ascertain the means by which it was able to by-pass the normal flow of time. Unfortunately I was never able to find this place thanks to your Order. How is your master Beuwon these days?” Luminous’ body tensed his entire body, grabbing Dureau’s shirt hard.

“How do you know of Beuwon’s condition?”

“I was the one that killed him. It was such a pity since I was expecting so much more from the leader of the Order.” Luminous anger boiled, gripping Duerau’s shirt harder and harder making the fabric begin to tear.

“Then I am sorry to say that you failed; Beuwon is still alive thanks to the power for the other mages. However he can no longer leave the Order.” Dureau shook his head, pulling Luminous’ hand from his shirt and pushing him back.

“I see. I’m sorry that that I failed then. But you can rest easy knowing that I won’t be coming after your precious master. Their death was only an unfortunate circumstance to my mission of finding this place; one of many contingency plans made by the Black Mage.”

“Such as?” Luminous asked darkly, his right eye glowing with a low light as his hair began to darken.

“One of the many plans he had made was that of your precious Lucia.” Luminous straightened his posture and tightened the grip around his staff.

“You didn’t really think that the ‘daughter’ of your master was really his?” Dureau asked with a chuckle. The blood ran cold through Luminous body as he slowly began putting things together, realizing what Beuwon meant when he said he wanted him to watch over Lucia.

“You already knew, didn’t you; but you only knew that she had darkness within her and that you would keep it under control. The daughter of the Black Mage was in your presence and it was given to you as a charge to protect her. She was the eyes and ears for the Mage himself to find out what was going on with the Order; he was banished from the order and for that, he wanted to destroy the Order…”


“She was to be his tool for destroying the Order from the inside out.”


“But he was not able to complete that mission because of you. Your light and companionship with her restricted the Mage’s movements and wasn’t able to use her. In addition, she isn’t the only tool that The Mage has created for his use. Lania is also his tool.” Luminous looked to him with worried but angry eyes, realizing what Beuwon had meant by trying to get Lania away from the Order and away from Luminous: the darkness that existed within him was making the darkness within Lania stronger. The only way that he was going to be able to defeat that darkness was to control it and make it his own. He was about to ask a question of Dureau when his thought was interrupted as Vondra began speaking.

“So, the king it seems is rather old and not in the best of health at the moment, and so…” her briefing was cut short when she looked at Dureau and Luminous, watching how tense looks were being passed between them.

“Did I interrupt something?” she asked.

“No, please continue.” Dureau answered shortly. Vondra sighed uncomfortably but pushed on.

“King Mushi told us that King of the Penguins, Pepe, has taken the kingdom by force and is going to force the King’s daughter Violetta to marry King Pepe’s son to force an alliance with Pepe of the El Nath penguin tribe. The wedding is to take place in just a few hours and we have to stop it at all costs.” Luminous and Dureau nodded in agreement as Dumia walked up in her mech.

“According to what Mushi told us, there are a little over 6 hours before the wedding is to happen.” She called, activating the chainguns in her arms.

“Let’s do this!” she called, walking with heavy steps to the edge of the camp where Latimer moved his hands through a few motions, summoning his faithful Panther to his side. All too eagerly, the soldiers guarding the perimeter let them through to the thickets outside, pushing through the underbrush and over the somewhat hidden path leading to the castle. However along their path were hundreds of the walking mushrooms as well as some large, blue capped mushrooms that shimmered from what appeared to be a thick sap. Dumia stopped and looked down on her radar at the bottom of her HUD, noticing that the entire thing was flashing red.

“Dumia, what the matter?” Latimer called, suddenly feeling that his panther Blaze had become tense, growling at something that lay ahead.

“I don’t know. From what the HUD is telling me, we’re right in front of a massive enemy, but I can’t see anything.” Dumia responded. Mercedes stepped forward and purposefully walked forward when she found that she wasn’t going anywhere. To the others, it looked as though she were walking in place.

“Mercedes, it’s a barrier, there is no getting passed it.” Luminous explained. Mercedes looked back to him and shook her head, reaching for her bowguns and taking aim at the air before her. Pulling the trigger, her bows erupted into a blaze of green and black streaks of light, ricocheting off the barrier and into the ground, trees, mushrooms, even whizzing past those that stood behind her.

“Mercedes!” Dureau commanded, grabbing her wrist and aiming her arm to the ground roughly.

“Do you intend to get us all killed?!” he thundered, looking to the area of air that wavered before them.

“It’s better than standing around here trying to figure out what we’re going to do!” Mercedes thundered back.

“While we do need to get passed this barrier, I don’t think force is the way to go. Perhaps we should go back and tell them about this.” Acer suggested.

“It took us 2 hours to get here. By the time we get back to the camp, tell them of the problem, find a way to break this and return it will be too late to stop the wedding.” Mercedes argued when Acer tilted his head, noticing something.

“What is it?”

“Look, The mushrooms… they can walk right through it without any problem.”


Augustine laughed as they tried to get through, listening to their dull conversation until something they said caught his attention. He growled low in his throat, noticing that indeed the walking mushrooms could pass through the barrier unhindered.

“A foresight that I did not account for.” he mumbled to himself.

“Hmm Augustine, the hmm wedding preparations are nearly complete. I trust that nothing is the matter?” Pepe asked as he walked up behind him.

“No, no nothing of the sort. Go on to the chamber and I shall be there shortly to pronounce the proceedings.” Augustine urged Pepe, turning back to the ground and the people standing outside his castle when he noticed a bracelet around three of their wrists.

“So, they may not be the famous ‘Guardians’ I have heard so much about, but it appears that they do wield their power. Such power as this must be dealt with quickly, otherwise it could ruin my plans.” He reached into his jacket and pulled his scepter from the pocket, holding it up high in the air.

“Go, destroy them.” he said softly as a blue light flashed from the gem mounted in it.


Luminous felt a chill run down his back, turning this way and that trying to ascertain the origin of the power, recognizing it as an Aurora crystal’s enhancing ability. But that was the least of his worries when he felt a wave of power slowly wash over them.

“We need to run.” Luminous commanded, walking in the direction back towards the camp.

“Why? What’s here?” Vondra asked, drawing her daggers and standing at the ready when something felt wrong.

“We just need to…” Luminous command was cut short when the ground began to tremble. They all turned around and around, each of them with their weapons at the ready back to back for what would come. From the trees around them, the blue capped mushrooms began to grow, pulling from the ground and jumping for movement. Dureau was the first to attack, leaning into his run and streaking passed a small group of them while his right arm became a flash of black aura, throwing the mushrooms back and tearing through some of their flesh. But before they got very far, he held his hand forward where a bright light appeared before him, sucking everything in front of him to the light and obliterating it. Stillness fell over them for a bit as Dureau turned his palm to himself and examined the burnt flesh that still sizzled, turning back to them showing them his palm.

“Don’t touch them.” was all he said before holding his mace with both hands while power curled around it. Vondra crossed her arms which swelled slightly as she pushed a small amount of mana into them. With a smooth sweep of her arms she drove her daggers into the ground, making an explosion of chains erupt from the ground around her and throw the mushrooms into the air, slicing through their bodies with ease. Mercedes took a wide stance as small glowing vines wrapped around her feet and legs, making her Soul Arrows glow brighter with a small breeze. The breeze curled around her arms before she took aim, firing off arrows that sounded as though they were made of flames, tearing through mushrooms great and small.

Luminous spun his staff over his shoulders before thrusting it forward. A large card made of pure light appeared behind him, and from it, serrated spears of light shot down, slicing through each of the mushrooms. However, he and Mercedes were beginning to be surrounded on all sides since their power couldn’t effectively repel them at the moment.

“Stay away!” he shouted with a growl, an orb of light surrounding him and Mercedes before pushing back every mushroom with a wave of light.

“I don’t have time for this!” Luminous growled, his right eye glowing brightly and turning his hair jet black.

“My darkness will consume you!” the top of his staff became a blaze of dark violet light as a giant orb formed in front of him, threads of lightning striking the ground around it as he swept his arm around them, guiding the orb, obliterating everything in its path. Dumia looked down at her HUD, noticing that it was flashing red again after torching and smashing a few mushrooms of her own. When she turned around she saw the orb hovering over their enemies, burning them all to a crisp. But Luminous’ face had a sick, pleasure filled expression on it as though he were laughing as it moved. Mercedes was unaware of the orbs path as she was busy with her own enemies, unable to feel the hair raising power behind her.

“MERCEDES! LOOK OUT!” she called, stepping in to snatch her out of the oncoming orb’s path, but even with her speed she wouldn’t make it in time. Latimer turned his attention to the orb, using his arrows to try and fight it off but his actions only seemed to make the orb bigger. By the time Mercedes turned around to see what it was that was coming for her, it was already too late and the orb would no doubt kill her if not seriously injure her, possibly making her unable to fight ever again. Luminous realized what it was that he was doing and hauled his hand back in the other direction to get it away from her. It was too little too late since the orb had gained a significant amount of speed and was taking too long to re-direct.

Vondra leaned as far forward as she dared, nearly falling over as she tried to run for her but even her speed wasn’t going to make it in time. Acer had already used his shot, blasting mushrooms away, but the shot that he was going to try would still take too long to charge. The orb crashed through the ground were Mercedes had been standing a moment before, finally dissipating leaving them all in stunned silence staring at the charred ground. Luminous dropped to his knees and dropped his staff: what had he done? He thought that he was beginning to understand the darkness that was within him, but he was oh so wrong.

“You humans really are useless.” A strong voice said, making them all look up to see Dureau hovering above them all with Mercedes in his arms, gliding down to the ground.

“But, how did you…” Vondra stuttered when Dureau set Mercedes down and walked over to Luminous, hauling him to his feet and striking him across the face hard putting him down on the ground once more.

“Be sure and keep your power under control mage. I would be inclined in slaying you right now. Fortunately for you, your blood is not something that would allow me to defeat the Black Wings any faster.” Dureau growled, shifting his wings to a more comfortable position before helping Luminous to his feet and handing him his staff.

“The enemy is gone, and time is not on our side. Let’s go.” He said, walking over to one of the disintegrating bodies, grabbing some of the bubbling spores. He winced as the spores began to eat away at his skin until he held them up and pressed them to the barrier which allowed him through. The others looked at each other and quickly picked up some more of the spores, pressing them to the barrier and allowing them through, revealing a castle entangled with vines sporting thorns and spines that were razor sharp, even blocking the castle’s main gate barring them from entering.

“Well now what?” Latimer asked, trying to find a way to situate his hand among the thorns so that he could get a good grip without hurting himself.

“Climb on me, I’ll climb the vines.” Dumia offered, kneeling her mecha down low enough so that Vondra, Latimer, Acer, Mercedes and Luminous could climb aboard her shoulders. Dureau on the other hand refused, bending down and raising his wings before shooting up and over the wall.
The Guardians L.O. - Ch 9 pt 1, Re-E3

Chapter 9, pt 2: Scores of Spores

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This is the Third Season of "The Guardians" saga, A fanfiction. Here is the First Season Beginning

Here is the Second Season Beginning

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